MON, WED, FRI 12pm-2pm
TUE, THU 3pm-6pm
Request your items using one of these methods:
Use your library card online to place holds within our catalog.
Leave a phone message.
Send an email request:
Send a Facebook request: @mghlib

Wait for notification – depending on your request method, you may receive a call, text, or email – and then call us when you plan to pick up. (M,W,F 12p-2p & T,R 3p-6p)
Staff will check out and bag up your items with your name labeled on the bag.

Call us when you arrive. We will place bagged items outside on a cart for you to pick up.

Please wear a mask when picking up your items and maintain social distancing with other customers.
All items must be returned in the book drop, which you can do at your convenience.

Call us if you have questions: 570.538.1381
We are so glad to be back serving you.