Please Continue Supporting Library Services

The Montgomery House Library accepts secure credit card donations via PayPal. Please click on the DONATE button above.

Why Donate?
The Montgomery House Library serves ALL residents of the Warrior Run area regardless of race, creed, religion, or income level. While entitled to standard state library funds, we must raise 80% of our operating budget each year. We receive less than 20% from the state and local municipalities and rely on your generosity, grants, fines, and interest earned on our reserve funds to keep our doors open.

How much do we receive in state-aid?
What annual fundraisers do we conduct each year?

  • Annual Fund Drive Letter $10,000
  • Annual Toy Auction $6,000

How much is spent on operating expenses?
$145,000 covers utilities, insurance, building maintenance, personnel, office supplies, and postage. This does NOT include expenses for items purchased to lend to patrons.

What is the average cost for a book?
$25 for a hardcover, bestseller

Why doesn’t the library cut hours or services to save money?
The library must be open 45 hours per week to qualify for state aid. Also, we believe that all services and programs are necessary to serve our communities.

Memorials and Endowments – Why not leave a legacy?
Donating to the Montgomery House Library is tax deductible and will be enjoyed by many for years to come. When the library succeeds, the entire community succeeds. Please consider the library in your estate planning. Contact your Library Director at 570 538-1381 for information.